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Photography is not only photos and galleries, but a deeper look into the way someone else sees the world. In the photographic world, most photographers typically have some kind of “niche” or speciality in which they focus on. While that’s great, I don’t necessarily believe in it as I feel that my "niche" is photography in general. I’m a photographer. A story teller. An educator. I would rather spend my time growing among other styles than to spend all of my focus on one subject. My goal as a photographer is to show others how I see the world. To transport my audience into a different place or mindset while creating a sense of relaxation or curiosity. Each of my photos represents a moment or anecdote from the adventure that is my life. My photography can be seen as a way to educate an audience and inspire each individual to get out there and explore the world within their own perspective.

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“To experience is to learn and to learn is to live, while traveling offers everything and much more to give”